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We kiss by the book!

A web show where fictional characters of classic literature come

searching for love in the most modern way possible.


Our first series of personals, Shakespeare Personals, is now live!  New characters will be added every few days, so check back often and watch our social media for fun updates, contests and more! More Literary Personals from your favorite literary classics will be available soon. Want them on here sooner? Hint: The Fund Us Page. 


Jules Verne

H.G. Wells

Lewis Carroll

Jane Austen

Oscar Wilde

Victor Hugo

Alexander Dumas

Horror Classics

Charles Dickens


Looking for love in another time? So are these characters...

To date or not to date...
Hear him roar!
Just Call Me Lady Disdain.
Let's Make Magic!
Winter of Discontent is Coming!
Tell Me Your Secrets.
Love Can Be Yours

... and Many Other Personals Coming Soon ...

Literary Personals
"We kiss by the book."

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